The Future of Learner Assessment Online (Important!)

LA Online has changed a lot in the last couple of months! The current version, 1.6.0, downloadable from this page, will still let you take 13 Practice tests (the 2006 Math 9 PAT, and several Science 6 and 9 tests) or 26 counting the French versions, but it will not receive any more updates.

We have taken what we have learned from LA Online and are currently developing its replacement; a new, web-based application named Quest A+.

The Quest A+ web page is coming soon.

About Learner Assessment Online

In this page you will find the Learner Assessment Online (LA Online) installer. Once installed, LA Online will let you do practice exams at any time. We have a few exams right now and more will be added as they become available.

The application itself does not hold any exams in it, so it can stay on your PC as long as you need it to. When you want to try an exam, LA Online will request a secured exam package of about 500kB from our web servers and will save it locally for the duration of the exam. When the exam is over, the package is removed.

The only times the application needs internet access is before starting the exam (downloading the package, approximately 10 seconds, depending on your internet speed) and at the end of it, when the responses are submitted (about 5 seconds).

LA Online Installer Version 1.6.0 (~3MB)

You need to have administrative rights on your computer in order to install this application.

Try to have your School Code at hand; LA Online will ask you for it the first time you open it.

LA Online requires the .Net Framework 2.0. Most computers with Windows XP should already have it. Or you can download the .Net Framework 2.0 installer (~22MB).

Help Documents Last Updated:
Instruction Manual June 2nd, 2008
Proctoring Guidelines June 3rd, 2008
LA Online Technical Checklist April 24th, 2008
Practice Test Quick Start Guide June 3rd, 2008
Provincial Achievement Test Quick Start Guide June 3rd, 2008
LA Online FAQ June 3rd, 2008

General Questions Regarding Online Assessments

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Questions Regarding Technical Issues

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